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Alana Shiel

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Alana is a very welcoming and friendly person who will always try her hardest to help someone. Alana has been part of the fitness industry for several years now and grew up competing in Flat Water kayaking representing at national level before taking an interest in coaching.

Alana likes to bring some fun into training and is a normally found on the gym floor pushing people to work harder or getting them to try new things and take themselves out of comfort zones.


L2 Fitness Instructor 

L3 Personal Trainer 

Kettlebell Instructor

Functional Training

Level 2 RFU Rugby

Favourite Sport 

Flat Water Kayaking

Favourite Gym Song

Till I Collapse 


“Alana really knows how to unlock the last few reps in any exercise. Since training with Alana, I have started to enjoy being in the gym and trying to lift weights I didn’t think I was capable of picking up”

“Her classes are always good fun and somehow she has me laughing through burpees “


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