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Charlotte is a highly skilled personal trainer who has an extensive background training people aged 18-92 years old and she will create a programme that is effective, and most importantly…enjoyable!

She is passionate about helping people reach their full health and fitness potential. A great motivator who listens to her clients and genuinely cares for their wellbeing.

Charlotte specialises in fat loss, muscle toning, improving stamina and building confidence. She also works closely with people to help any mobility or postural issues.


L2 Fitness Instructor 

L3 Personal Trainer 

L3 Pre/Post Natal

L3 Nutrition for Weight Management

Advanced Stretching

Suspension Training

Pad work

Favourite Sport 

Open Water Swimming

Favourite Gym Song

Flowers – Sweet Female Attitude 


“Charlotte is a great motivator who is supportive yet challenges me to improve my strength and meet my overall fitness goals. She is extremely knowledgeable about various facets of fitness. She accommodates the changes in my fitness as and when needed, but ensures a progression that ensures a steady improvement. The fact that I am consistently looking forward to my early morning sessions with Charlotte twice a week proves she’s the right trainer for me!”


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