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90 Day for £90 Exercise Programme

90 Day for £90 Exercise Programme

Fast, Safe and Effective Training - Only 35 minutes to be on the path to happiness.

Are you too busy and don't have time to exercise in a gym for an hour 2-3 times per week?

If the answer is yes, then this programme is the right choice for you.

There are 4 reasons most people fail with their intention to get more exercise:

  • Lack of support
  • Not knowing what to do 
  • Trying to change too much too quickly
  • Not having the time 

Our Milon Coaches have years of experience looking after people who have previously struggled to maintain a regular exercise habit. We also know that there are large sections of the community who struggle with traditional forms of exercise due to age issues, historical injuries or a perception that they are just not fit enough.

That's where we come in. 

Key Components to our programme are:

  • 1-2-1 consultations with your personal coach at weeks 1,4,8 and 12
  • Your own personal Milon smartcard that automatically adjusts the equipment to your individual body settings and training plan
  • User friendly online performance tracker from the comfort of your own home
  • Bookable sessions where you know a Coach will be on hand to monitor your progress and offer any support required

Proven Results in just 35 minutes, 2 sessions every 10 days

The Milon Circuit is the most innovative training concept in the health and weight loss industry. The Milon Circuit provides a total body workout through the use of 6 strength and 2 cardio machines.

Training on the Milon Circuit is good for weight loss, improving your general health, strength, mobility and of course good for your heart. At the centre of the Milon Circuit is a large timer, which tells you how much time to spend on each piece of equipment before you move on to the next. You'll be working at a pace that is comfortable for you, no matter what your level of fitness. The other great thing about being on the circuit is that you'll be able to connect and interact with other users which many members tell us adds to the enjoyment of their sessions.

The Milon Circuit is open every day and between the following hours we have bookable sessions where you will know that a coach will be on hand to monitor your progress and offer any support that you require. These manned sessions are in addition to your 1-2-1 consultations. 



08.00 - 08.45

11.00 - 11.45 



08.00 - 08.45

11.00 - 11.45 


Money Back Guarantee 

We are so confident that you'll get results on our 90 Day Exercise Programme that we offer a full money back guarantee*. 

We are happy to offer you this guarantee because of the great successes that many of our members have already achieved. After 90 days you can choose to continue to with the many health and wellness benefits of your Milon membership; walk away happy that you have achieved your goals or if you haven't succeeded ask for your money back*.

*Guarantee Terms. All you have to do is the following;

  • You must attend all of the 1-2-1 consultations at week 1,4,8,& 12
  • You must complete a Health & Wellbeing Assessment at week 1 & 12
  • Over the 90 days you must train on the Milon circle at least twice every 10 days
  • You must complete 2 circuits on each visit (35 minutes in total)
  • Follow the instructions from your personal coach 

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Covid-19 Safety

We're fully compliant with stay safe guidelines

The peace-of-mind and safety of our members is a cornerstone of our operational principles. In order to ensure we are guarding members against Covid-19 risks, we have implemented the following measures, as we continue to work with UK Active, The Fitness Industry's Governing Body.

Socially distanced gym and studio set up
Dedicated cleaning sessions
Bookable sessions and the NHS COVID-19 app in use
Eco-friendly sanitising foggers in use
Controlled capacity
Equipment cleaned before and after use
Maintain social distancing
Masks worn in communal areas of the Club

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