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Emma Shaw

After having my 2 children I tried many diets and workouts, but nothing has worked.

My husband found Milon as a perfect birthday present.

The 35 minute workouts fit in perfectly with looking after the children and once I'm finished I feel energised.

Knowing that the Milon team has been there every step of the way pushing me to succeed is a big confidence boost.

Milon has made me lose just over a stone and now I am happier, healthier, fitter and more confident.

Milon is the best thing I have done for myself.




Before I started the Milon Weight Management Programme, I was finding it difficult to live my normal life, without becoming breathless and tired, even climbing up the stairs, I had to go on all-fours and was worn out and needing a rest.

Milon has changed my way of life. It has made me feel more confident, healthier and stronger, a new me!!

The Milon programme had helped me to lose almost 2 stone and I feel great.
35 minute workout is easily achievable with a busy lifestyle.

The Milon Manager is a great mentor and is always there to help and to keep me motivated even with a knee replacement.

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