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Monkey Music

Monkey Music at The River Bourne Club, Wednesday Mornings from 9.30am - 12.00pm


Jiggety-Jig for 2 - 3 year olds @ 9.30am

Older toddlers have fun with their friends and develop a strong musical foundation for their future learning.

Time to Sing:

Songs for dressing up and telling simple stories! Pretending is an important new area of learning as exploration and self-expression builds self-confidence. Through positive music interaction with each other, our toddlers are also learning important lessons about boundaries and how to handle frustration!

Time to Move:

Toddlers are keen to get to know each other - bigger more exciting prop such as hoops and parachute are excellent for sharing and making friends! Holding hands with partners in Monkey's circle dances often makes the grown-ups fell very happy too!

Time to Play:

Composing music is something that comes naturally to our Jiggety-Jiggers! Their strong musical foundation gives them super musical confidence. Props, images, music, stories and poems inspire our little monkeys as they create and perform their own special music. 

Time to Sleep:

At the end of each class our Jiggety-Jiggers are encouraged to try out new ideas and sing songs at home with words printed from the Little Monkeys Club. They will often be invited to bring something from home to show in class the following week as part of class topic discussions. 

Heigh-Ho from 12 months @ 10.05am

Catchy sounds and up beat sounds for making Monkey Music! 

Time to Sing:

Music and language have many things in common and Monkey's action songs have been especially written to support your child's early language development. Colourful props aid visual memory while repeated actions reinforce a feel for the "steady beat".

Time to Move:

Moving and dancing freely around the room with Monkey encourages your child to express the music that they hear with their whole bodies. Exercising to music forms and strengthens neural bridges that are necessary for later learning.

Time to Play:

The Monkey Music Band offers your child the opportunity to practise fine motor skills using hand held percussion instruments. Band members need a certain amount of self-awareness and self-discipline which comes with regular band practice! 

Time to Sleep:

Toddlers need active time for exercise and quieter times for calmer activities. Listening is a critical life skill which we nurture with relaxing and soothing music to conclude each Monkey Music class experience. 

Rock'n'Roll from 3 months @ 10.40am

Gentle songs and fascinating sounds nurture a lifetime of music and learning.

Time to Sing: 

Your baby loves the sound of your singing voice. Monkey's gentle songs and lullabies have been especially composed for you both to share precious moments. Song words are closely linked to rhythmic body movements which relieve your baby's digestion and any stress they may be feeling.

Time to Move: 

Sensory props and stimulating visual experiences encourage Rock'n'Roll babies to move their bodies and make sounds with their voices - this interaction activates the brain to release chemicals that help memory.

Time to Play: 

Baby-friendly percussion instruments release magical sounds and captivate and enthral our Rock'n'Rollers! By reaching out and grasping for the sounds your baby will be stimulating their physical and emotional development.

Time to Sleep: 

The more a baby is cuddled and held, the more secure and independent he will be when he gets older. Monkey's soothing lullabies nurture a lifetime of music and are available on CD for you to learn and sing to your baby every day. A confident child is a musical child. 


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Covid-19 Safety

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The peace-of-mind and safety of our members is a cornerstone of our operational principles. In order to ensure we are guarding members against Covid-19 risks, we have implemented the following measures, as we continue to work with UK Active, The Fitness Industry's Governing Body.

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