The River Bourne Club

iPhone Auto Login Temporary Solution

Whilst we work on updating the auto login on the app to make bookings and access your account, you can in the meantime use the following process to avoid logging in every time on an iPhone.


If you save the following link to your home screen you can do this by following the below instructions:


  • Click on the link
  • When you are on the booking page click the share button at the bottom of the page as shown below, then scroll down and click add to home screen. You will now have a link on your home screen that connects straight to the booking page.
  • You now need to make sure you have auto fill on for passwords in your phone settings.
  • In your phone go to settings > passwords > password options > auto fill and toggle the switch to allow auto fill passwords, as in the screen shot below.
  • If you now go to your home screen and tap on the icon you saved you will need to enter your email and password and then it will give you the option to save or not, if you click save it will auto fill each time you login.

If you have any issues setting this up, then speak to a member of the reception team and that help you.