The River Bourne Club



Whilst we are always sad to see our members leave, we want to make it as easy a process for you to do so as possible when you need to.

If you joined prior to 1 February 2020 and we receive your cancellation request  on or prior to the 20th of the month your membership, if applicable, will be cancelled at the end of the current  month. Any cancellation requests received on or after the 21st of the  month will be cancelled at the end of the following month, if  applicable, and one more payment will be taken.

If you joined on or after 1 February 2020 the terms below will be in effect.

Members requesting to cancel are required to complete an online cancellation form.

i) All Members who are not within a set minimum term membership may end  their agreement by giving us one full calendar months’ notice.

All memberships with cancellation requests will have one final subscription debited, after notice is given, and will be terminated 30 days after the notice payment

ii) Members on a monthly subscription within a contractual minimum fixed period, may notify their intent to cancel at any period with the cancellation being processed at the end of the minimum subscription term.

If no cancellation request has been received at the end of the contractual minimum term period these memberships will continue on a month by month basis until a cancellation request has been received. These will be processed as per above.

To complete our online cancellation form click on the button below.

* Please note any individual will only be entitled to a 1 x 5-day pass irrespective of the number of times the link is shared with them.


An alternative to cancelling your membership might be to freeze it. This is particularly relevant if you are within your 12-month agreement, you have a membership rate lower than the prevailing rate or you wish to avoid paying another Joining Fee at a later date.

You may freeze your membership for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 6 months subject to giving us notice by the 1st of the month prior to the start of the freeze. Membership fees will apply during any  such period though access to the club will be suspended. The time will then be added to the end of your minimum contract period. No refund will be made if cancellation is requested during the period for which time  has been added on after the passing of your minimum period obligation date. For those members with a minimum obligation period of less than 3 months a fee will be levied for freezing and no time will be added on.

To request to freeze your membership, click on the button below.


Upon joining you should have received a series of emails that set you up on our online booking portal. This is the easiest way to book onto our classes, but bookings will also be taken by phone and in person at reception. Whilst our online booking portal opens at the same time as our reception/phone capability please note that for particularly popular classes, online bookings will always be a faster route to booking. 

Securing a spot in one of the free group exercise classes we run each week is easy, but we do have some points you should note below:

  • Class bookings can be made online via our members portal. If you haven’t done so already you will need to register for an account and link it to your membership. If for any reason you are unable to register, the most likely reason is that we do not have all the information that we need to complete the registration. A quick call to our reception team, or a chat the next time that you are in should see this resolved.
  • For full members, class reservations can be made two days in advance. Pay As You Go members may book one day in advance. Please note the booking window for online bookings opens at the same time as the in-club options. This means if you are booking for a Monday or Tuesday class the window will open at 8.00am on Sat/Sun respectively. All other days the window will open at 6.30am.
  • Please provide at least 1 hours’ notice to cancel a pre-booked class as this will allow an appropriate amount of time to enable another member to take the space. Failure to attend or cancel within the correct timescale on three separate occasions in any 30-day period will  result in online booking rights being suspended for a period of ten days.
  • Please arrive with enough time to get changed and be ready for the start of your class. If you are late your space may be allocated to another member.
  • As a courtesy to other participants please do not enter any class that has already started.
  • All participants must swipe in at reception prior to the start of the class. Priority will be given to those that have booked.
  • Whilst we endeavour to offer the classes advertised on our timetable, due to circumstance these classes may be changed or cancelled without notice.
  • Booking procedures are subject to change and do not have any association with the terms and conditions of membership.