The River Bourne Club


Cardio Equipment

Our gym possesses a dedicated cardio section where you will find Matrix treadmills, cross trainers, upright bikes, and recumbent bikes. We also have Concept rowers and ski ergs, Wattbikes, Matrix spin bikes, Tornado air bikes, a HIIT Mill X and Stairmaster for you to push yourself during your cardio workouts. The wide variety will help keep those cardio sessions interesting and make it less of a chore!

We also have a punch bag for boxing. Boxing is a great form of cardio, it’s fun and will help you burn lots of calories! We have personal trainers that specialise in boxing and martial arts so be sure to speak to them on the gym floor to find out how you can get the most out of this piece of kit.

Resistance Machines

Technogym and Star Trac supply our resistance equipment with their award-winning range guaranteed to work every muscle group in your body. we also have Human Sport Equipment which has been developed to offer a comfortable effective workout. Using the resistance machines can be a great place to start if you are new to the gym, especially weight training, and our fitness team will be on hand to ensure you are performing all exercises correctly. 

Free Weights Area 

Our impressive free weights area has more than 15 stations, allowing multiple users to workout in safety and with space. In addition to our dumbbells, that range from 2kg-50kg, we have a double Olympic lifting platform, Smith Machine, squat rack, preacher curl bench, plate loaded 45-degree leg press and 3 bench press stations. The free weights area is equipped with 9 Olympic bars and bumper plates to allow users to perform their bigger, compound lifts safely and effectively.

At the back of our free weights area, we have a track complete with a sled, battles ropes and a triceps dips station to boost the variety of functional training our members can complete in our facility.


The gym at the River Bourne Club boasts a large amount of floor space across two functional training areas. In these areas you will find all the equipment you need, especially if you enjoy CrossFit or circuit style workouts. 

Our main functional area comes complete with a Cross Fit frame where you will find 3 TRX straps, Olympic rings and battle ropes. It comes complete with a landmine attachment, dip bars, monkey bars and two spaces for users to complete Olympic lifts. The frame can be customised to your needs and provides endless options for your workouts. 

Our smaller functional area is where you will find the ski ergs, tornado bikes and our power plates. Power plates provide multiple benefits including improved balance, increased muscular and core strength and aids cool down stretches too. Try one of our power plates classes to see for yourself!

You will often see gym floor classes taking place in these areas led by our team of fitness instructors. Not only will you be pushed and motivated, attending these classes is a great way to get the most out of the equipment too.


In the mirrored stretching area, you will find plenty of floor space and mats to have an effective cool down. We have both smooth and textured foam rollers available to help you recover, avoid injury and relieve muscle soreness.


As well as the above, we also provide many other pieces of equipment to assist functional training:

  • Kettle Bells
  • Bosu Balls
  • Sandbags
  • Slam Balls
  • VIPRs
  • Exercise Balls
  • Wall Balls
  • Medicine Balls
  • Steps
  • Ab Roller Wheels
  • Soft & Hard Plyo Boxes
  • Mats & Ab Mats
  • Air Stability Cushions

We have FREE Group Gym Inductions available for anyone who would like to participate.

CLICK HERE to arrange your induction with a member of the team. 

Covid-19 Safety

We're fully compliant with stay safe guidelines

The peace-of-mind and safety of our members is a cornerstone of our operational principles. In order to ensure we are guarding members against Covid-19 risks, we have implemented the following measures, as we continue to work with UK Active, The Fitness Industry's Governing Body.

Socially distanced gym and studio set up
Dedicated cleaning sessions
Bookable sessions and the NHS COVID-19 app in use
Eco-friendly sanitising foggers in use
Controlled capacity
Equipment cleaned before and after use
Maintain social distancing
Masks worn in communal areas of the Club

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