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5 reasons to experience Milon:

  1. Fully automated circuit
  2. Simply, safe and effective
  3. Training for people of all ages and fitness levels 
  4. Personalised fitness programme based on your goals
  5. Individual coaching and support 

Milon is possibly the most coronavirus safe form of exercise that you can participate in within a gym environment. We have adjusted the numbers on our bookable sessions to  ensure that you exercise safely with ample room between you and other users. The times between changing pieces of equipment has also been extended to allow for cleaning of the equipment. Between each booked session the equipment will be sanitised.

Watch this short minute video to learn how the Milon Circuit will change your gym experience forever.

Many people still think that to lose weight & increase their fitness they need to spend hours and hours walking and running, however research shows that strength training is the best way to tone your body, lose weight and improve your overall fitness. Our Milon Circuit allows you to burn fat more effectively and will also deliver the following health benefits:


  • It's good for your heart and circulatory system
  • It protects joints, ligaments and tendons
  • It increases vitality and mental alertness
  • It helps prevent diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis and type-2 diabetes 

Whatever your age, size or fitness level our team of coaches will ensure that you are able to exercise at a level that is comfortable for you whilst gently pushing your body towards improvement.

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