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Your Milon Journey

The first stage of your Milon journey is your Milon induction. in this appointment, a member of our fitness team will give you everything you need to get started and use the Milon Circuit successfully. In the induction the following will take place:

  •  You will be set up with your Milon account and receive your Milon card.
  • The trainer will activate a training plan most suitable for you and your goals.
  • Using the "Miloniser" computer, a scan is taken, this takes your measurements and stores the information on your Milon card. It is this data that allows the machines to automatically adjust to you every time you use the circuit.
  • During your induction, your instructor will take you round each machine and complete a strength test with you. Based on this test the machine will calculate what weight you should be using in line with your training plan.
  • All this information is stored on your Milon card so that when you come in you just tap the card on the first machine, and you are ready to go!

Getting moving!

Once you have completed your Milon induction you are all ready to get started! You can book your sessions in via The River Bourne app and keep an eye on your progress by downloading the milon ME app or using the "Miloniser" computer on the gym floor.

Once you have completed 20 sessions on the Milon Circuit it will be time for you to have a review with a member of the gym team. In this appointment you will be moved on to the next phase of your training plan to ensure you keep progressing and challenging yourself. Your instructor will also re-do your strength tests to see how much progress you have made and make sure you are working at the correct intensity. 

 The milon ME app allows you to:

  • Get information on your training and each individual exercise.
  • Keep an eye on training statistics at all times.
  • Access a monthly overview of completed training units and exercises (weight moved, number of movements and calorie count).
  • Get direct personal feedback. 

Covid-19 Safety

We're fully compliant with stay safe guidelines

The peace-of-mind and safety of our members is a cornerstone of our operational principles. In order to ensure we are guarding members against Covid-19 risks, we have implemented the following measures, as we continue to work with UK Active, The Fitness Industry's Governing Body.

Socially distanced gym and studio set up
Dedicated cleaning sessions
Bookable sessions and the NHS COVID-19 app in use
Eco-friendly sanitising foggers in use
Controlled capacity
Equipment cleaned before and after use
Maintain social distancing
Masks worn in communal areas of the Club

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