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Connor’s dedication and passion for personal training stems from his long-standing participation in a range of sports, from rugby to running, football to mixed martial arts. Connor has a deep understanding of exercise and bases all his services on science and evidence, as well as personal experience.

Whether your goal is fat loss, injury prevention, athletic performance or building muscle, Connor will tailor all training specifically to you and do so with enthusiasm and personability.


L2 Fitness Instructor 

L3 Personal Trainer 

Indoor Cycling

Adult Weight Management

NASM Certified Nutrition Coach

MMA Specialist

Favourite Sport 


Favourite Gym Song

Done to Me – Ames 


“Personal training with Connor has helped me massively in feeling more confident about by body. He helped me lose over 9kg.” – Sam W

“All of the sessions I’ve had with Connor to date have been a good mix of challenging and fun.” – Jane P.


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